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Masarykovo námesti 103, 379 01 Třeboň, Česká republika
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The origins of the city dates back to the mid 12th century, when a path running through a wide border forests was a small settlement or perhaps a court. This vast area was the king dominion to the first known member of the family later branched Vítkovci Vítek of Prčice. In the mid 13th century, the brothers bought this Pelhřim and Ojíř of Landštejn branch Vítkovci. Around the year 1300, it has been assumed in Trebon fortified with walls and a moat. Trebon became the center of an expanding estate. In 1341, as a borough in 1366 and also appears alongside her Czech name previously used Witigenowe and Wittingau. In 1366, the owners of Trebon and the adjacent manor became brothers of Rosenberg, for which the city gained importance and wealth. The following year, Rosenberg founded the monastery in Trebon, 1376 granted the town the right of the royal cities, and in 1378 was by King Charles IV. extorted the privilege of importing salt. At the end of the 14th century, the town had brick walls and a moat. These, along with reinforced's lodge and the surrounding marshy land, made Třeboně almost impregnable fortress. This was also the Hussite Wars, the city stop several attack. biggest expansion in the 16th Trebon and early 17th century, particularly during the reign of the last two Rosenbergs, brothers Wilhelm and Peter Wok von Rosenberg. A new era of building and flourished status pies from Jelčan the head of all Rosenberg business. Krčínova economic reforms also affected the town of Trebon and its immediate surroundings. This happy period ended Třeboně Passau army incursions, extinction Rosenberg and several destructive fires. transferred the immense suffering Trebon and its surroundings Thirty Years' War. In 1660 they became the new owners of Trebon Schwarzenberg estate, in whose possession it remained until the twentieth century. Trebon is only slowly recovering from war wounds and lagged and economically. The recovery otherwise peaceful life of the town occurred in the mid-19th century, when it became a district town of Trebon. Significant changes took place following the First World War, when it was the first land reform Schwarzenberg all the properties of the state. The Second World War in Trebon claimed its victims. After the war penetrates into the city first major industry (clothing factory and agricultural mass). 1960 was canceled Trebon, the District and the city received the status of a Spa.



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E.ON Fotbalovou školu zahájí Jan Koller a Michael Fehn Druhý ročník E.ON Fotbalové školy bude zahájen již tuto neděli v lázeňské Třeboni. Na první turnus, který je určen pro hráče narozené v roce 2003, se přihlásilo 25 talentovaných fotbalistů. Ti se moh.

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Festival Okolo Třeboně 2014

Festival Okolo Třeboně nabídne hvězdy i symfonické fúze Třeboň – 28. května 2014 Už za necelý měsíc vypukne festival Okolo Třeboně, jehož 23. ročník zůstane věrný heslu „Prázdniny začínají v Třeboni“. Letos nově se však organizátoři propojují i s divade.

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Bycicle rental Třeboň

Bike rental and service in Třeboň Are you planning to go to South Bohemia on vacation and want to borrow bikes? Cycling holidays, trips and weekends to the Trebon region are renowned for ideal flat terrain and rich nature with many ponds..

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Treboňsko - Protected Landscape Area is located in South Bohemia, on the border with Austria and parts of the District of Czech Budejovice and a total area of ​​700 km2 in the flat and the flat landscape. Because cycling is a wonderful location and there.

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