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Zámecká zahrada 62, 381 01 Český Krumlov, Česká republika

Revolving auditorium Czech Krumlov is more than half a century a significant and globally representative and unique natural plenérového theater with original design and use of stage space.

The principle of the revolving theater is indeed known for several centuries , but in real life it theater early 20th century brought a major German theater A.Appia . In the Czech theater is a theater with this phenomenon most significantly associated architect and stage designer with a European dimension , Joan Brehms ( 1907-1995 ) . In 1958 he designed the auditorium nestled in the surrounding countryside , which, thanks to the bi-directional rotation around its axis enables viewers to perceive the story to pan . It can happen anywhere around the spectators on the playing area with an area of about one hectare . The auditorium is rotated during a performance at the appropriate place " action stage " , but is also used blending option of playing space at the hearing stage appearances .

The playing surface - the stage is made up of a large area surrounding the castle park, which allows you to enjoy the uniqueness of the beautiful scenery of the castle garden with centuries-old trees , which creates the unique atmosphere of theater stories . In the case of music production - opera and ballet performances , is a wonderful combination of music, dance aesthetics of the surrounding countryside extraordinary emotional experience.

The principle of the revolving auditorium , embedded in the centuries created the castle park with rococo chateau Bellarie is a great advantage that you do not have even the very famous "open -air " scene as the lakeside stage in Bregenz, the Verona Mediterranean and Greek Amphitheater .

Every year the June-September average of eighty performances happen to visit the 55,000 spectators from home and abroad .

The operator of the Revolving Auditorium since its inception South Bohemian Theatre , based in Czech Budejovice. The theatrical production of the revolving auditorium shared by all its four ensembles - drama, opera, ballet and puppetry . The most attractive for foreign audiences are always productions of opera and ballet with world-renowned choreographers and guests ( soloists of the Metropolitan Opera in New York , San Francisco Opera , Toronto Opera Company, the National Theatre in Prague and Bratislava , film director and Oscar- Jiří Menzel , conductor John MET Keenan and many other top artists) .

Revolving auditorium Czech Krumlov is one of the leading European "open -air " scene. Its uniqueness is enhanced by the fact that since 1992 the Czech Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.