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Riegrova 51


Riegrova 1756/51, 370 01 České Budějovice, Česká republika
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Rental space , holding events , markets willow and many more in Rieger 51 in Czech Budejovice.

Rieger 51 = innovative ideas inspiring spaces + + + full service friendly atmosphere

Have a couple of years to try to Rieger 51 was a place with soul and atmosphere , a place for people , for business and for fun.

We try to make everyone liked the R51 - our tenants , clients , guests and visitors . And while it is looking at the building of an administrative nature may not seem like you can not find in our offices only .
You can dance in the dance halls , train in the computer classroom or meeting room , use the hall Gallery R51 for any social event .

Its headquarters here has a number of counseling and social services , dance studio and art studios .

But you can also just come and sit at the bar , enjoy some of the events or buy on the market for willow .

We are almost in the center of Czech Budejovice. Stop at a stop Clinic North and then we're almost around the corner.

The train and bus station to us is 10 minutes away , as well as the parking lot at Marienplatz.